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Puppies from Oodles of Love

Our puppies are raised in our home with other animals and my energetic 8 year old. They come pre-socialized to other dogs, cats, birds, children, and household noises. I have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the puppies that we produce are healthy and happy. Not only do health conditions like allergies, hip dysplasia, and cancer have genetic components, so does temperament. Our dogs have undergone extensive health screenings to ensure your puppy will be able to live a full life - not cut short due to genetic problems. Our puppies are checked weekly by a licensed veterinarians and receive all of their cares directly from the veterinarians (dewclaw removals, microchipping, vaccines etc). Our puppies also come with a 2 year health guarantee - which doesn't make you return your family member in order to take advantage of it. 

You get what you pay for. 

I have frequently heard from people, "well I'm just looking for a pet, so I don't need anything fancy." And I have to be blunt about what you may end up getting. In my time at my parents' vet clinic I have seen accidental inbred litters sold to people just looking for a pet. Because these puppies were not papered, you wouldn't see that the parents were siblings. I have seen Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, and German Shepherds with such bad hip dysplasia that they either required a total hip replacement (which costs $8-15k) or were put down by age 3 because their pain couldn't be managed without the hip replacement surgery. I have seen dogs suffer from such bad allergies that they chew themselves until both they and their families are miserable. I have seen dogs with congenital bleeding disorders that make even the smallest bump or cut life threatening. Most of all, I have families that have gotten attached to their puppies that have had to say goodbye years before they should. 

While many health concerns - like hip dysplasia, allergies, and cancer have a genetic component - they are also influenced by diet and lifestyle. By choosing a breeder that tests their dogs, you can greatly reduce your pet's risks. 

All of our dogs used for breeding have been evaluated for: temperament, conformation (hip and elbow dysplasia), and over 170 genetic disease (including bleeding disorders, progressive blindness, and neurological disorders). We want to be involved with your family for the lifetime of your puppy, to offer support and advise as needed. 

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